Your Voice! Your Health! A study of how to engage and empower LGBTQ people of color within healthcare settings

Marshall Chin, MD, MPH
Medicine - General Internal Medicine


Your Voice! Your Health! is a project led by Dr. Marshall Chin, along with an extensive team of expert investigators in the field of shared decision making (SDM). This project aims to reduce healthcare disparities in the LGBTQ community with shared decision making (SDM) across different racial/ethnic minority groups and selected health conditions important to these populations. The specific areas of study include: anal cancer screening, HIV PrEP prophylaxis, hepatitis C, obesity and body image, metabolic syndrome/diabetes, intimate partner violence (IPV), mental health, gender transition and primary care in transgender persons, aging issues, and healthcare providers' experiences in SDM with LGBTQ patients of color.

Specific Aims

1) Systematically review key issues surrounding SDM in LGBTQ racial and ethnic minority populations: We are exploring what is known about SDM domains, contextual factors that affect SDM, and identifying existing tools that have improved SDM in LGBTQ racial and ethnic minority populations.

2) Obtain stakeholder input and feedback around desired shared decision making interventions: We are obtaining the input and feedback from stakeholders (including organizations, community groups, health care delivery systems, clinicians, and patients) representing LGBTQ racial and ethnic minority populations and under-resourced settings to: a) determine content, presentation, and process for SDM, b) tailor to media and health information technology, c) determine priorities for development and implementation of SDM products, and d) determine the contextual factors that affect SDM (e.g., clinic design, incentives, implementation issues).

3) Create tools to help stakeholders implement and evaluate shared decision making interventions in LGBTQ racial and ethnic minority populations.


We are obtaining input and feedback from stakeholders via one-on-one interviews and focus groups.

Conferences Available for Participation

Section of General Internal Medicine / Hospital Medicine / Family Medicine Research-in-Progress (RIP) Conference.

Scholarship & Discovery Tracks: Clinical Research, Community Health, Health Services & Data Sciences, Healthcare Delivery Improvement Sciences, Medical Education
NIH Mission Areas: NIA - Aging, NIDDK - Diabetes